As a mother of two beautiful girls, Certified Health Coach and a believer of the healing power of Bone Broth personally. I want to pass this knowledge on to mothers who need it the most. Empower them to be healthy and happy to be able to raise and look after a new generation that strives for the same. Food is medicine. Bone broth has healed me and can heal you too!

Bone broth isn’t just flavored collagen simmered for long hours to produce a delicious cup of soup. It is a nutrient-rich precious liquid. It is one of the world’s oldest and most powerful therapeutic food item.

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Advantages of broth:

Supplementing your diet with collagen-dense food such as bone broth can be extremely beneficial for your skin, gut and body as a whole

  • Supports immune system function
  • Awesome for gut health & digestion
  • Maintains healthy skin, hair & nails
  • Boosts detoxification & metabolism
  • Protects the joints & bones

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My mission is to help each & every person to improve their overall health and not just the symptoms. In order ensure that each one feels more younger, healthier, happier and more ALIVE.

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Since I have been on all sort of diets I was sceptical at first on tying the one week cleanse. On day 8 I stepped on the scale and WOW! It is amazing how light, energised and detoxified I feel.
Until my next cleanse. I'll continue drinking my daily mug of broth. Its a habit I surely do want to keep.


The one week cleanse is working great for me. I'm already at 75.5kg that's 4kilos less than what I was earlier in the week. Your diet has helped speed up the weight loss without making me lose energy or feel dull.
I even indulged in ice cream without feeling remorse. Also I would say the broth is delicious & I can't get enough of it.


Just ordered my regular batch and I'm in love with the new packaging! Love what you do, you have made my life so much easier. With winter coming broth is the way.

MAHA, Dubai